So Real, so Very Now (2020)

  • Short, One Minute Films
  • 17min
Includes Curator’s Introduction (below)

Svo raunverulegt, svo núna: Myndasería frá Hollandi sem er stýrt af Misha de Riddler.


Curated by Misha de Ridder, ‘so real, so very now’ is intended as an exercise in seeing: to look, to look again and to look anew. Perception is the point of departure for a series of experiments in video within the restraint of one minute.

Misha de Ridder is a visual artist working mainly with photography and video, based in Amsterdam.

Participating artists:

Misha de Ridder

Jette Kelholt

Sophie van den Berg

Cristina Planas

Tycho Hupperets

Luna Deckers

Marie Diamant

Jiyan Düyü

Alex Harris

Andrea Bordoli

Josh Lee

Heleen Mineur

Tobias Niemeyer

Bonus Content

Curator's Introduction

An introduction to So Real, so Very Now by Curator Misha De Ridder