Everything Happened so Much (2020)

  • Short, One Minute Films
  • 24min

Allt gerðist svo mikið: samansafn ljóða á tímum ævarandi vitnisburðar.

’Everything happened so much: archive as poem in an age of perpetual witnessing’, curated by Jesse Darling.

“There are different ways to tell a story. I wanted to think about the way we bear ongoing witness to our own lives, and how this material tells bigger stories about the material, technological and socio-economic circumstances of the past and present. I wanted to think about what this seeing might be saying; to think about what we don’t see, but which is always there anyway. I wanted to give space to the unreliable narrator and the chaos of memory. To take seriously the political dimension of telling stories through the low fidelity, poor images and unobjective close-ups that we are often left with in contrast to sovereign forms of cinema as verité (newsreel, advertisement, video-essay). Building on these ideas, in reconnaissance and reclamation, here are 24 video-poems, as true and accurate as any other form of storytelling, or perhaps, right now, even more so.

This open call was conceived in the early months of 2020. By the time a selection was made, a global pandemic was underway with 170,000 dead (and counting). The final selection was chosen in part to reflect [on] this, as thousands of lives are reduced to numbers on an infographic: the messy data of living, here in solidarity and love.”

Participating artists:

Toni Brell

Lauren de Sa Naylor

L’nique Noel

Sulaïman Majali

Francisca Khamis Giacoman and Levi van Gelder

Cristina Planas

Frank Wasser

Kamilya Kuspanova

Lin Li

Ibrahim kurt

Samar Al Summary

Rozemarijn Jens

Nestor Solano

Andro Eradze

Ghenwa Abou Fayad

Anuka Ramischwili-Schäfer

Torreya Cummings

Pernilla Manjula Philip

Stelios Markou Ilchuk


Callum Copley

Louise Gholam

Flo Ray